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At first Automation we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of products tailored to the automation and power control field. Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in the diverse array of items and brands we supply

Our supply list include: 

Circuit breakers – contactors- overloads-Relays - Push buttons- Limit switches. - Proximity sensors. - Photo cell- Temperature controllers. - thermo couples-timers- Power factor correction panels. - Wires and Nickel Chrome Heat Wires, flexible Rubber cables - Speed control drives-All kinds of Electric cabels-electric motors & gear box - Temperature Controllers -Autotune PID Controllers, ON-OFF Controllers, Programmable Temperature Controllers and Digital Temperature Controllers  

KFM has particularly wide experience and capability in the heat transfer oil sector. One place where this can be seen is in the design and construction of the KFM heat transfer oil control valves

kfm products:

- Strainers - nuMaal Operated Valves - Pneumatic Control Valves - Valves With Emergency Functions - Other Valves - Primary Elements - PLC, Switching Devices - Controllers and Control Systems

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The company’s products adopt international advanced technology and are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with IEC international standards and ATEX EU standards. All main products have obtained ATEX EU explosion-proof certification and IECEx international explosion-proof certification

cz products:

 - Light Fittings - Controller& Control Panel - Distribution boards& control system - Terminal boxes& Junction boxes - Fire protection system - Plugs and Sockets - Exd, Exe components& cable glands& boxes - Industrial Product

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Automation Diploma includes: Classic control - PLC - HMI – SCADA – CONTINUOUS CONTROL
 We have recognized training labs with all needed components.
 Depends on the practical application.
 Our training program is recognized from several governmental universities in Egypt.
 At the end of the course, a project for each group is performed on the Prototype in our laboratory.
 Each trainee has a training Kit of his own to do all the exercises during the course.
 Task is required at the end of each chapter; Design, programming and implementation of a real project from the previous work of our company.
 The successful students in the course have a certificate of passing the course.

First Automation offers qualified solutions meeting customers'expectations to improve their systems and processes through the following:
 Substantial experience in engineering
 Designing, developing and implementing automation and control systems
 Supporting any special applications and systems
 Design, supply and installation of electrical panels
 In addition; design, supply and installation of an alternative systems to many existing systems which has faults, or systems that didn’t work
 ATS system, Star - Delta circuits or any system as requested by the client

Our customers enjoy the advantage of being able to get multi-product solutions from a single source, with matching equipment at every stage.
 Highly qualified and trained engineers
 servicesolutions_orange_2col.jpgPre-sales services
 Sales and after-sales services
 Shortest possible response time
 Highest level of customer service
 Best support for industrial applications.


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