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Automation Diploma includes: Classic control - PLC - HMI – SCADA – CONTINUOUS CONTROL
 We have recognized training labs with all needed components.
 Depends on the practical application.
 Our training program is recognized from several governmental universities in Egypt.
 At the end of the course, a project for each group is performed on the Prototype in our laboratory.
 Each trainee has a training Kit of his own to do all the exercises during the course.
 Task is required at the end of each chapter; Design, programming and implementation of a real project from the previous work of our company.
 The successful students in the course have a certificate of passing the course.

 Products we supply:
First Automation is specialized in automation & power control field
We are able to supply electrical control panels and all their components.
 Circuit breakers.
 Contactors.
 Overloads.
 Relays.
 Push buttons.
 Limit switches.
 Proximity sensors.
 Photo cells.
 Temperature controllers.
 Thermo couples.
 Timers.
 Power factor correction panels.
 Wires and Nickel Chrome Heat Wires, flexible Rubber cables.
 Speed control drives.
 All kinds of Electric cables.
 electric motors & gear box
 Temperature Controllers 

Autotune PID Controllers, ON-OFF Controllers, Programmable Temperature Controllers and Digital Temperature Controllers .

all Products of KFM Regelungstechnik Gmbh that we are their distributer --   (

First Automation offers qualified solutions meeting customers'expectations to improve their systems and processes through the following:
 Substantial experience in engineering
 Designing, developing and implementing automation and control systems
 Supporting any special applications and systems
 Design, supply and installation of electrical panels
 In addition; design, supply and installation of an alternative systems to many existing systems which has faults, or systems that didn’t work
 ATS system, Star - Delta circuits or any system as requested by the client

Our customers enjoy the advantage of being able to get multi-product solutions from a single source, with matching equipment at every stage.
 Highly qualified and trained engineers
 servicesolutions_orange_2col.jpgPre-sales services
 Sales and after-sales services
 Shortest possible response time
 Highest level of customer service
 Best support for industrial applications.


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